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When determining the correct equipment for your well there are some important issues to understand

With today's technology and modern equipment it is much easier to correctly size pumps and pumping systems. Our factory certified pump technicians can size a system to meet its maximum engineered efficiency which translates into monthly & long term savings for the owner. This is done by gathering the correct information about the system the pump will supply water to. It includes GPM needed [important], static level of the well, draw down while pumping, casing size & type, quality of the water being pumped, amount of water the well will produce, and what type of storage will be used, such as expansion tanks or large storage facilities. These items are all factors in designing a complete water well system along with the pump controls and safety devices to protect your investment.

If this information is not be supplied by the driller a test pump of the well may be performed to get the needed information. We can obtain draw down, gallons produced by the well & static level information to insert into our mathematical formulas to come up with our total dynamic head to complete our calculations. If the correct formulas are not used to determine correct pump size an owner ends up with either a pump too small that won't be able to do the job or one to large which can cause expensive routine repairs. When a pump that is too large for the system is installed it usually causes on/off cycling, undue stress, and premature motor failure. Submersible motors require at least 1 minute of run time to assure proper cooling of the windings according to Franklin Motor manufacturer. These rules apply to all pumps from agricultural wells to small residential wells. The rules are simple, follow them and you will end up with a reliable, highly efficient, and long lasting system.